Imam hussain A.S sayings
“Man of trust always stays in safety.”
“Helping others stands for goodness at heart.”
“Charity and alms are the best remedy for ailments and calamities.”
“One has to account in the next world for the deeds that he has done in this world.”
“Piety is the best weapon of defense.”
“Submission to Allah’s Will is the best companion.”
“Wisdom is the noblest heritage.”
“Theoretical and practical knowledge are the best signs of distinction.”
“Avoid speaking until there is reasonable occasion; those who enter into useless talk, even if expressing truth, are found reprehensible.”
1″Avarice is disgrace; cowardice is a defect; poverty often disables an intelligent man from arguing his case.”
2″All greatness & magnificence stands for the Almighty Allah & it adorns none else.”
3″A poor man is a stranger in his own town; misfortune and helplessness are calamities; patience is a kind of bravery.”
“4To sever attachments with the wicked world is the greatest wealth.”
“5Deep thinking will present the clearest picture of every problem

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