Presidents of Anjuman-E-Imamia Jammu

Presidents of Anjuman-E-Imamia

1st President : Late Janab syed Amir Husain shah jaffri

2nd President: Janab Syed Abul Qasim Rizvi

3rd President: Late Janab Syed Col. Zahoor Hussain Shah Naqvi

4th President: Late Janab Syed Fateh Hussain Zaffer Kazmi

5th president: Late Janab Syed Sharif  Hussain  Kazmi

6th President: Late  Syed Mazher Ali Shah Naqvi

7th President:Late Janab Mohammad Ali Khan

8th President:Late Janab Syed Mazher Ali Shah Naqvi

9th President:Janab Syed Amanat Ali Shah Naqvi (till date)

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