Anjuman e Imamia Jammu today called an emergency meeting of its executive body to condemn the telephonic conversation of Saif Abbas representative of Sadiq Sherazi and also the principal madrasah Abu Talib Lucknow India.
During the meeting president Syed Amanat Ali Shah said it is a conspiracy to create a ridge between the Muslim Ummah and sponsored by US, Israel and other allies. He further added that we should be aware of these kind of sponsored so called aalims that are openly against the concept of Wilayat and we strongly condemn and appeal to muslim ummah that be united and fight against this kind of propaganda against wilayat and world leader Rehbar e Moazam.

While speaking on the occassion Prof. Shujat Khan said that these kind of acts and gatherings specifically organized on Ayamey Fatima in UK and these venom spitting Zakireens have been provided with all the logistic support like their Visas and other facilities by the MI6.
He further added that Islam never has its roots in UK and we will strongly condemn the Sadiq Sherazi group who is working shoulder to shoulder with anti Islamic forces and its our prime duty to unveil their criminal agendas of dividing the Shias and Sunnis.

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